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Want to Learn Web Design Basics?

Calculating a given quote is like asking someone for the length of a string piece. You can’t understand it with a simple question about “How much does it cost to build a site?” when the appointment includes a lot of variables. Do not think about asking for a quote, because most consumers do so for the first time, more than 80 percent of the tasks faced by a web designer’s office have to go over calculations to explain how it will work. But for an exact quote, you can check some of the items I’ve mentioned below.


How many times a customer meets with our office to request a site design wouldn’t surprise you, but they are not exactly sure what they need. We know we need a template, but they’re not sure how they need something to look or function, which makes the process of obtaining a quote far longer.  It’s ok if you don’t understand exactly what you want on your website, just understanding what you need and setting an example on a competitor or random site will be very helpful as we try to understand everything for you.


If you know how much you want to spend, please tell a designer what your budget is when you ask him. They’re not trying to get as much money out of you as possible, they’re just trying to figure out a program that works best for the budget.

For starters, if you had 10,000 R invested in a design and wanted something like Facebook, it would probably not be the easiest, because there is a programming mountain that should be done. Since the designer knows your budget and has an idea of what you need, you can put together a package that works for you, but you may not have it all included because you need a replica from Facebook that would cost far more than R10,000. You will build a template, however, and get custom scripts that will help you have a distinctive social network that will put you on the road to later having a finished product.

We also ask people what their budget is as we are trying to figure out, as in the previous example, how we will do so much for you inside your budget to make you as happy as possible.

Any Bonuses YOU Would NEED Most of us want an affordable website and we’re doing just that! But there are a number of additional add-ons that you can consider before you spend all of your money in the program. If your budget is 3000 R for everything and you spend everything on your design, you’ll be frustrated when you can’t get the accommodation you need or when you can’t spend marketing money to generate traffic and sales. That’s why we also keep people informed about the extra fees that are normally needed if you want to start running a web site. 

Extras are: 


Each location has a domain name, meaning you’ll want one, too. You can purchase them from big domain registrars and most of the time after you set up a hosting plan for your website, you can buy them. Every year you will have to pay to renew your domain name and your hosting could be paid monthly or annually, it’s your preference.

This is no problem if you don’t know how to proceed, as we can support you throughout the process.


Most new website owners think “if you’re building a website, visitors are coming” and that’s far from the reality. You’ll need a proper and effective marketing campaign for at least a few months to generate traffic to your site before you start to get a good return on investment. There’s a small chance that he will reward fairly quickly, but he wouldn’t expect that because it’ll be competitive because it’s a new site that struggles to attract customers against its older and seasoned competitors.

Online marketing comes in many forms, e.g.: 

SEO (search engine optimization) 

SEM (Search Engine Marketing) 

SMM (Marketing / Social Network Management) 

PPC Management (Marketing / Pay Per Click Management) 

Everyone has their own advantages and it takes some time to know, so we strongly recommend that you work with a trustworthy search engine optimization company if you want to start doing anything