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Most of this information can be found on a commercial website, but don’t hesitate to contact them by phone; a company can’t fool you by phone or video call so easily. Do some homework and be prepared to ask: the more questions you ask, the better.

Past performance Past performance should always be a consideration in finding a company for search engine optimization. Check for client testimonials on the SEO website and on blogs such as Clutch.co, and don’t be afraid to contact the company requesting feedback. If a SEO company is doing a favorable job, its customers must be offering positive results. At the same time, always ask customer service questions which should suit every business profile.

Company Attributes Pay close attention to the following when looking for a search engine optimization company: reports and transparency, customer service, thought leadership and knowledge transfer and the company’s position in outsourcing work.

The first is completely mandatory: clear reports and total transparency are vital to any business ‘ success, especially in a search engine optimisation company. The reports not only show the results of the work performed, but also suggest the areas to be changed.

From the first meeting customer service will become available. When necessary, consult with employees of the company, who will also help you determine the intellectual leadership of the organization. In the search engine optimization room, also learn about knowledge transfer and whether members of this team are speaking at events or conventions. Leadership is critical because it often amounts to building, which is equal to the fluid procedures. These features help to strengthen the company’s brand in terms of knowledge transfer and participation at conferences. Just search Google for some employee names to simplify things; those with a reputation for leveraging the search engine would definitely do well.

Learn on outsourcing, too. If a job is outsourced, find out the company name which is being used. Outsourcing isn’t necessarily bad, but it needs to be researched and measured.

VAT In the search engine optimisation world, you generally get what you’re paying for. A company can sometimes charge a lot more than a competitor, but if you find all of the things mentioned here in this guide, it might be worth making it work. Cheaper isn’t always better for SEO.

Free SEO company evaluation tool Clutch has developed a valuable SEO business evaluation tool (which can be downloaded in Excel format) to help companies select a search engine optimisation company. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be done by chance to find a SEO firm that keeps its promises.